Internal 1.7 LCD Lithium Battery / Lead-acid Battery Indicator Display Panel BLU

Internal 1.7 LCD Lithium Battery / Lead-acid Battery Indicator Display Panel BLU

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Internal 1.7 LCD Lithium Battery / Lead-acid Battery Indicator Display Panel BLUE Light Residual Capacity Display Module

** 12 Month Australian Warranty **

The device is a universal residual capacity display module for the rechargeable battery, suitable for rapid battery capacity detection of the lithium battery, lead-acid battery on various instruments, measuring equipment, mobile equipment, cleaning machine, the balance car, the battery car and so on. The battery symbol displays intuitively and the percent accurately displays. A high contrast LCD screen is used and can display for a long time in the dark or bright light.  

Instructions for use: 

1. Solder the attached two-core cable (the red and black wires) to the positive and negative electrode of the battery, the red is connected to the positive end, and the black is connected to the negative; note: the connection shall not be reversed, the reverse voltage above 15V may burn the electricity board! 
2. The back of the electricity display module has a two-core socket, insert the white terminal of the two-core cable into the socket, pay attention to the socket direction; the electricity display module should work normally, the backlight keeps on. If it cannot display, you should immediately cut off the power and check to exclude the problem; if the electricity is always 0% or 100%, please confirm whether the specification of battery and the electricity display module match. 
3. The 5 battery icons on the left of the electricity display module LCD screen represents the battery capacity from low to high; at the same time the percentage shows on the right; 
4. When the voltage is lower than the minimum value, the percentage is 0%, while the backlight off, enter the power-saving low consumption state; 
5. To prevent components on the PCB board from the equipment leakage damage , special attention is payed to the instrument or metal casing which is not exposed to any metal part of the PCB board, including the liquid crystal pin. In addition, the back of the electricity display module should not touch any metal parts in case of short circuit; try not to touch the PCB board element with bare hands. 

The back of the electricity display module has a white keys, used to select battery types. 
1. First power off the electricity display module, press and hold the key on the back, then power on the electricity display module, release the Kdn key, the English sign: "xP" or "xC" is shown on the right (P stands for lead-acid, C for the lithium battery, X for the battery string number), press the key to sequentially display the types 
2.Power off the electricity module after finding the corresponding type, re-power it and it can function normally. 
1. The numbers in the nominal voltage is the general name of the voltage by users, the same battery strings, may have different names. 
2. The lithium battery is the general three elements or soft package/polymer lithium ion battery, not including phosphate ( iron-lithium ) battery. 
3. "Code" means the the corresponding English character displayed on the LCD screen when selecting the specifications. 

Packing List 
1 x Battery indicator 
1 x Power cable(20cm) 
2 x Screws