Pair of 102P Semi Sealed Beam Flat Headlight 7" Round with H4 Globe 12V 24V

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A pair (2) of 7" H4 semi sealed beam headlights with globes and parker slot
These headlights are a direct replacement for the original sealed beam headlights and plug directly in to the factory wiring. 
They feature a strong fade resistant glass lens.
You get a brand new replacement pair (LHS + RHS) of 7 inch round semi sealed beam headlights, 
including your choice of 12 or 24 volt globes (see below for globe choices).
These light Fit Most Toyota Landcruiser, MQ & GQ Nissan Patrols and Ford Mavericks Most early models of Holden, Ford in fact any car that uses 7" or 178 mm round headlights.
7" (178mm) High/Low Beam inclufing H4 Halogen Globes
Designed to operate with standard 60/55W H4 globes and no wiring upgrade is necessary.
Flat Face
Raised Flat Lens
W/ Parker
High/Low Beam
Please choose a globe in either:
If you do not specify a globe, a H4-12V-60/55W will be supplied.