94050 Narva 9-33 Volt L.E.D Reverse Lamp Kit (White) with Vinyl Grommet

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9-33 Volt L.E.D Rear Stop/Tail Lamp Kit (Red) with Vinyl Grommet


1 x 9-33V L.E.D Lamp (Part no. 94048)
1 x vinyl grommet (Part no. 94092)
1 x plug and leads (Part no. 94593)

Added to the Narva range as an aftermarket replacement for the sealed Model 40 lamps, they share the same plug and lead
connection as the original lamps making retro-fit straight forward. The new L.E.D lamps are ADR and ’E’ approved. They
feature multi-voltage circuitry, tough polycarbonate lenses.