LED Autolamps HL165 7x5

LED Autolamps HL165 7x5" Head High / Low Beam / Park Lamp PAIR

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7x5" Head High / Low Beam / Park Lamp

HL165 - Twin Blister (PAIR)


  • 7"x5" High Power Headlamp
  • High Beam 4x3W LED 1096lm
  • Low Beam 1 x 15W LEDs 570lm
  • Park Lamp 2 x 0.5W SMD
  • ECE Approved, Road Legal
  • Robust Die Cast Alloy Design
  • IP67 100% Water proof
  • Voltage Range 11-32 Volt 

Fitting Instructions

Retro fit to existing globe type 7x5" sealed beam headlamps.


Part No.
HL165 Twin Blister
Lumen Low Beam 570lm, High Beam 1096lm
LED Qty Park 2 x SMD, Low 1x15W, High 4x3W
Cable 10cm with H4 Plug
@13.8V Low Beam 1.15A High Beam 2.14A
@28V Low Beam 0.55A High Beam 1.02A
ECE High/Low E6-112R-010806
ECE Front Position E6-7R-020806