Narva 18006 HB4 LED Headlight Performance Globes Ultima

Narva 18006 HB4 LED Headlight Performance Globes Ultima

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New Narva Ultima L.E.D Globes – The Ultimate Performance Globes

Narva has brought its extensive L.E.D expertise to the performance globe category with the introduction of a new range of Ultima L.E.D globes.


A direct replacement for Halogen globes, the Ultima globes offer the added benefits of a bright, white light output (2000 Lumens per globe), coupled with long life performance of over 30,000 hours, which makes the globes unlikely to ever need replacing over the life of a vehicle.


Available in 12 and 24V variants and in a range of popular globe types (H1, H4, H7, HB3, H8/9/11, HB4, HIR2, HB5 and H13), the new Ultima L.E.D globes further expands Narva’s performance globe range, ensuring that there’s one suitable for just about every motoring application.


Along with the improved visibility and reduced fatigue that the Ultima L.E.D globes provide courtesy of their white light output that closely resembles natural day light, these globes deliver a beam pattern with the correct cut off for low beam for use on roads in Australia and New Zealand. This results in the globes not ‘dazzling’ on coming road users while still providing light where the driver needs it.


An added benefit of Ultima L.E.D performance globes is their low current draw of only 2.0A at 12 V and 1.0A at 24V and each globe pack also contains a bonus two L.E.D T10 park globes, providing buyers with a crisp white look across the entire headlight unit at no additional cost.


Given the shock and vibration-resistant nature of L.E.D technology, the Ultima L.E.D globes are suitable for a wide range of vehicles such as motorcycles, passenger cars, four wheel drives, light and heavy commercials as well as construction and agricultural equipment.


The L.E.D globes are fitted in a very similar manner to standard halogen globes, either clipped or slotted into place, the boot behind the globe is reinstalled and the heat sink is screwed on the outside of the boot.


When fitted with L.E.D replacement globes, some new cars with sophisticated electrical systems may show a warning light on the dash or the L.E.D globes will remain on when the vehicle lights of vehicle are turned off. To rectify this, Narva offers, an easy plug and play, electronic CANBUS-compatible module for each globe at an additional cost.


Narva’s new range of Ultima L.E.D performance globes are covered by a three year warranty and are available from leading automotive and transport outlets nationwide.