Narva Explora LED Driving Light Bar with Bracket & Loom 72272 72292 74401

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Narva Explora LED Driving Light Bar - Attach to the number plate 

Part # 72272 *
includes mounting bracket 72292 & wiring loom 74401

Narva’s new Explora ultra slimline L.E.D driving light bar has been developed to be one of the most versatile driving light bars ever released within the Narva range. NEW PRODUCT RELEASE November 2017 2400 LUMENS 2400 LUMENS 1 LUX @ 269m 1 LUX @ 269m L.E.D DRIVING LIGHT BAR 1 LUX @ 13.5 Lux @ 50m 180m 3 Lux @ 100m 0.5 Lux @ 200m 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 2400 RAW LUMENS 1 LUX @ 29 Lux 269m @ 50m 7 Lux @ 100m 2 Lux @ 200m 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 OPTIC DRIVE VS CONVENTIONAL LIGHT BAR Optic Drive Technology — More focused light results in further distance Conventional Optics CAPTURED LIGHT CAPTURED LIGHT Conventional Optics Optic Drive Technology A DVANCED OPTIC DRIVE TEC H N OLO GY 30% BRIGHTER THAN A CONVENTIONAL L.E.D LIGHT BAR* *Comparison based on 12" single row conventional LED light bar Featuring ‘Advanced Optic Drive Technology’ the light output from the 12 x 3W high powered L.E.D’s is captured and focused to produce a more penetrating light output down the road. The result is a 30% brighter light output than a conventional L.E.D driving light bar, eliminating wasted light output and focusing the light where you need it most. Adding to the superior construction of the new Explora L.E.D driving light bar is a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens and the light bar is fully sealed and submersible (IP68 & IP69K). The one piece diecast aluminium housing designed without end caps provides optimum sealing and heat dissipation. Stainless steel mounting brackets and a pre-wired weatherproof connector make for an easy installation. Also available as an optional accessory is the number plate mounting bracket specifically designed for the Explora light bar. The number plate bracket, P/No. 72292 requires no drill holes and can be fitted within 10 minutes eliminating the need for a bull bar or nudge bar. Constructed from lightweight aluminium with a durable powder coat finish the licence plate bracket suits standard Australian, New Zealand and European licence plates.