Narva Inspection Light - 71462 - 500 Lumens LED - New Release Torch

Narva Inspection Light - 71462 - 500 Lumens LED - New Release Torch

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Narva Inspection Light - 71462 - 500 Lumens LED - New Release

• High efficiency COB L.E.D provides crisp white light

• Separate 100 lumen torch light

• 2.5 hours continuous use

• 5 hours use on low output (71462 only)

• 2-3 hour quick USB charge and intelligent battery gauge

• 180° rotating bracket with powerful magnet and a pop out 360° swivel hanging hook

• Glow in the dark faces for easy location

• IP65 dust and water resistant New additions to the range of Narva ALS lighting solutions are two heavy-duty rechargeable L.E.D inspection lamps. With superior build quality, these lamps are designed to cope with the harsh conditions of the workshop and are also ideal for the home handyperson and even leisure use.

71462 ALS RECHARGEABLE L.E.D INSPECTION LAMPS High efficiency COB L.E.Ds produce 200 lumens of crisp white light for the smaller 71460 and 500 lumens for the 71462. Providing up to 2.5 hours of continuous use, or 5 hours in low output mode (71462 only), recharge time is only 2-3 hours and supplemented by an intelligent battery gauge for accurate charge indication. Both lamps also feature a secondary 100 lumen torch light. The attention to detail used when designing these work lights ensures they are hard wearing, fully sealed and waterproof (IP65). To offer the user versatile hands free operation, the lamps include a 180° bracket with powerful magnet and non-slip finish, allowing adherence to any metal surface. A 360° swivel hook allows them to be hung during use or storage and the glow in the dark lamp faces make them easy to locate in darkness. Both lamps can be charged via the included USB lead, whilst 71462 comes with a handy charging dock, featuring a magnet in the base for easy charging in a wider range of spaces.